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Charles Dickens Tribute to return in July?

Is it Christmas already? The popular gift with purchase - the Charles Dickens Tribute (Set 40410) - will have a comeback in July.

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LEGO Star Wars - The Mandalorian Sets announced!

The new LEGO Star Wars - The Mandalorian sets have been officially revealed at the LEGO Con today. Three new products are going to exist of this Disney Plus show. All new sets will be released on August 01st.

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Hogwarts Room of Requirement (Set 75966) - The Review

The room of requirements is a place in the castle of Hogwarts which came into play in the film "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix". This is the room, which Harry Potter used for his private lessons for the subject "Defense against the Dark Arts", when Dolores Umbridge has been hired as a professor. The set for this scene has been released in 2020 with 193 pieces and 4 minifigures. Is it worth the purchase?

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LEGO Ideas - Motorized Lighthouse wins review stage!

25 projects have been in the third LEGO on LEGO Ideas. One fan idea was able to win: The motorized lighthouse from Sandro Quattrini from Roses Must Build.

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LEGO Super Mario sets have been revealed!

The new LEGO Super Mario sets have been revealed today. The sets will be available on August 01st.

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Buildable LEGO Adidas shoe has been revealed!

A buildable LEGO Adidas shoe has been revealed. This set includes 731 pieces and will cost 89.99 Euros. The set will be available on 1st July.

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LEGO typewriter has been revealed!

The LEGO typewriter has been revealed. The typewriter includes 2079 pieces and will be available on June 16th for VIP members. The regular sale will start on July 01st.

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