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LEGO News ⇒ June 2021

Hogwarts Room of Requirement (Set 75966) - The Review

The room of requirements is a place in the castle of Hogwarts which came into play in the film "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix". This is the room, which Harry Potter used for his private lessons for the subject "Defense against the Dark Arts", when Dolores Umbridge has been hired as a professor. The set for this scene has been released in 2020 with 193 pieces and 4 minifigures. Is it worth the purchase?

Box, instructions and stickers:

You can see the set on the box very clearly. Even the background has been designed nicely and shows a picture of the room of requirements. On the back of the box you can see the play features of this set. We also get an instruction book with 60 pages, which is easy to understand. This set also includes stickers.


The construction consists out of two numbered bags. The set should be built after 30 minutes. At the end you get a small selection of extra pieces.


There're 4 minifigures included in this set. One of them is a buildable dummy. The other three figures, which are included in this set are Harry Potter, Hermione Granger and Luna Lovegood. All figures are printed on both sides. Even wands shouldn't be missing here. This set also includes a patronus for Hermione Granger and Luna Lovegood. Both of them are pieces, which are exclusive to this set and glitter. This selection is well done.

The Set:

The set itself consists out of a blackboard, which has a sticker and two modules. Both modules are compatible with the Harry Potter Hogwarts sets, which has been released until the end of 2020. On the back you can see a wall, which can slide open. Behind the wall, you will find a normal door. The back of the chimney has a wall, which is located next to the great hall in the film and which holds the rules of Dolores Umbridge, which have been covered with stickers. There is a feature for this wall, which allows to destroy the blackboard like in the film. For this you can open up a hatch above the chimney. Behind the hatch, you can find a red Technic element with a yellow wheel. If you push this piece, you can explode the wall. However, this element isn't fastened very well. That could have been done a bit better.


I can highly recommend you to get this set: The construction went very fast and the selection of the minifigures is well done. Even the price of 20.00 Euros is fair enough with the number of pieces and minifigs. Sure, there could have been a minifigure of Dolores Umbridge or Argus Filch as a minifigure in this set. My only criticism is the red Technic element. That could have been fastened a lot better.


  • Fair price
  • Nice selection of minifigures
  • Patronus elements are well done


  • The red Technic element by the chimney is not fastened enough



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