NINJAGO City Chase (Set 70607) - The Review -
LEGO News ⇒ July 2021

NINJAGO City Chase (Set 70607) - The Review

The NINJAGO City Chase is a set, which is based on the LEGO movie "The LEGO Ninjago Movie". The set to the movie came out in the year 2017 with 233 pieces and 5 minifigures. Does this set even satisfy?

Box, instructions and stickers:

On the box you can see the set clearly. On the background you can see a part of Ninjago City. On the back you can see the play features. This set also includes an instruction manual with 68 pages, which is very easy to understand. This set also comes with some stickers.


The construction is based on two numbered bags. The set should be completed after 30 minutes. At the end there're the typical extra pieces.


This set includes 5 minifigures: Lloyd, Nya, Officer Toque, Ham and a Shark Army Thug. Lloyd and Nya are printed on both sides. As accessories we get a bit of money, a smartphone, a can of soda, a fish hammer and some handcuffs. At the end you can see a very nice selection of minifigs.

The Set:

The set consists out of a chain of lights, a market stand, a basket with apples and a police vehicle. All signs have a sticker. The police vehicle is a very creative design as well. This set is a good addition in case you want to build a China town scene for your LEGO city. Even the price for 20 Euros is fair enough.


At the end, I think, that the set is well done. The construction is very simple and easy to understand and we also get a nice selection of minifigures. The price of 20.00 is fair. I can highly recommend you to get this set.



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