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LEGO Art 31213 Mona Lisa revealed!

LEGO Art 31213

The pictures to the LEGO Art Mona Lisa (Set 31213) have been revealed. The set has 1503 pieces and will cost 99.99 Euros. The new item is available on October 01st 2024 and has been listed on LEGO.com.

Mona Lisa (Set 31213)

Product description

Create your own masterpiece with this LEGO® Art Mona Lisa (31213) painting building kit. Art-lovers can enjoy an immersive and joyful project as they assemble this bold and unique interpretation of Leonardo da Vinci's art on their own or with friends.
This wall art is a treat for yourself or a home decor gift idea for men, women and art-lovers. It comes in a bluer hue to reflect the colors used by da Vinci over 500 years ago before the paint changed with age. The pieces printed with the Mona Lisa's famous eyes can be replaced with blank pieces for a more abstract appearance.
Positioned in its elegant gold frame, this Mona Lisa painting is designed to be hung on a wall. The frame is detachable and can be used to display other LEGO Art pieces from an existing collection. This LEGO set for adults also comes with a building instructions booklet, and after scanning a QR code you can listen to the Soundtrack featuring fascinating content on the Mona Lisa's timeless appeal.


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LEGO Art 31213 LEGO Art 31213 LEGO Art 31213 LEGO Art 31213 LEGO Art 31213 LEGO Art 31213 LEGO Art 31213 LEGO Art 31213 LEGO Art 31213 LEGO Art 31213


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