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Star Wars
Harry Potter
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Star Wars Town Harry Potter
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Collectable Minifigures Adventurers City
Super Heroes
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Bionicle Super Heroes Castle

Did you know, . . .

. . . that LEGO has a licence with Simpsons for 2014?

. . . that LEGO produced Star Wars sets in 2019 for 20 years now?

. . . that the LEGO set 75192 (Millennium Falcon) with 7541 pieces is the largest LEGO set which LEGO produced?

. . . that the LEGO set 1066 (Little People with Accessories) from the LEGO Dacta theme from the year 1982 with 36 minifigures the set with the most minifigs is?

. . . that the LEGO Space subtheme Space Police in the year 2009 appeared for the third time? This series came in the stores for the first time in 1989 and a second time in the year 1992.

. . . that the LEGO Collectable Minifigures series 18 is coming out in 2018?

. . . that LEGO Universe was the first LEGO online game?

. . . that the LEGO movie "Bionicle - The Mask of Light" was the first LEGO movie ever?

. . . that the LEGO Star Wars theme was the first licensed LEGO theme?

. . . that the LEGO HERO Factory theme replaced the Bionicle theme?

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Star Wars
Star Wars
Hot theme:
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Geheime Schmiedewerkstatt
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